Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Keira Knightley and Sienna Miller take on Edinburgh!! ^_^

It was the afternoon when two serene girls made the stars in the sky come out early!! Keira Knightley and Sienna Millar both laughed their way down the red carpet making an effort to pose for pictures from the upbeat Scottish crowd. I felt awful that I became more lively than the 'real' paparazzi..however when Keira's mother, the director and Sean Connery made an appearence it was hard to stay quiet!!

Apart from the chav's behind me I think we gave a decent impression of Scotland..hehe or maybe not o_O

Anyway..hope everyone enjoys these photos!!!!!!!!!!!

The Edge of Love!!

Today for the Edinburgh Film Festival'08, Keira Knightley joined her mum (pretty lady with polka dot dress) on the red carpet, along with co-stars Sienna Miller and Matthew Rhys!! Oops..looks like James Bond has had a fall ^o^

Edinburgh Film Festival 2008!! here we have the lovely Keira and underneath Matthew Rhys who plays Dylan Thomas in 'The Edge of Love'. The dashing man signing an autograph is the director John Maybury. Upon asking John for a signature he laughed saying, 'why do you want me when Keira's here?', humm..could it be that without the director we wouldn't have a film!! Thanks John ^_^